DT Run Guide

    • DT Run Guide

      You enter the run by talking to the Demon Tower Guardian located in Fobidden Temple or
      by clicking on the Teleport Ring and choosing the Demon Tower option.
      Inside the tower you have to destroy the Metin of Toughness in order to start the run.
      • Clear the room to proceed forward
      • Clear the room and kill the Demon King
      • Destroy Metin of Devil, then find the correct Metin stone (Metin of Fall) and destroy it within 15 minutes.
      • Opent the 5 Ancient Seals within 20 minuites to advance to the next floor ( Note: if the time expires you will be kicked from the run)
      • Defeat all the demons before attacking the Proud Demon King

        Click on the Special Blackismith that you`ve recieved and reach the last floor of the Demon tower.
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